The Wedding Present – We All Came From The Sea / Summer

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David Gedge says in September 2022: „Every now and again, Wedding Present tracks come along which I know for a fact will divide our fans. It happened when we did the `Ukrainian John Peel Sessions‘ and again when we released `Seamonsters‘. And then there was our take on the `Theme From Shaft‘, of course. It’s almost become a Wedding Present tradition to alienate a certain section of our followers from time to time! So, when Jon explained that, for `We All Came From The Sea‘, he wanted to record a very repetitive track that was punky yet dancey, I knew that that time had come around again. However, I loved the idea and had no hesitation in channelling my inner Nile Rodgers to match his Banshees-like guitar playing. `Summer‘ is kind of different, too. As the title suggests, it’s a sunny pop song… well, until my overdrive pedal goes on at the end, anyway. So_ fingers crossed for an Indian summer, this September, then?“ This year The Wedding Present will be releasing a new 7″ single every…