Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Headdress



20 years ago Sunburned Hand of the Man released „“Headdress““ and it cracked there world open. This is not hyperbole. The album resulted in the band becoming the cover children for a scene / genre-defining story titled „“New Weird America““ by the Wire and also saw the album given a 9.0 / Best New Music tag from Pitchfork („“…the music flows so readily with complete and utter disdain for trend and fashion that it feels simultaneously primitive and advanced…““). Largely out of print since back then, „“Headdress““ is back to help put the world back on a better path. Remastered for this 20th anniversary edition freshly from the original masters and housed within a gatefold bearing archival photos, this is true head music for true heads. Tune in, shake yr ass and drop out with this ever-providing slab.