Telefis – A Do Blue Vinyl Edition


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Telefís is Cathal Coughlan & Jacknife Lee. Features guest appearances from Sean O“Hagan, Will Sergeant, A Certain Ratio and Jah Wobble. Telefís, the groundbreaking collaboration between two Irish iconoclasts, revered singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan and world-renowned producer Garret „Jacknife“ Lee, will release their second album „a Dó“ (number two). Following the release of „a hAon“ (number one), Cathal and Jacknife continued to work on music and completed the record at the end of Spring. Then sadly Cathal Coughlan died on May 18th 2022. The album playfully dissected the early days of Irish society in the TV era through a prism of electronic dance music, drawing on what they saw as a „corrosive nostalgia“. It also paid homage to their musical heroes of the punk and post-punk era. Kraftwerk fighting with The Human League for a parking spot on Capel Street.