Ohm Hourani – So Many Questions Feat. Beaver Sheppard



Killer minimalsim! Be fast on this one! ?So Many Questions?, might have gotten a few answers. We have come back with a 3 song record featuring the voice of Montréal?s own multi-disciplinary artist Beaver Sheppard. Anoma?s records Ohm Hourani along side Beaver take a journey to 3 parallels. Commencing with the full A side – a driving emotional adventure of ? So Many Questions? that have been asked and asked again. Countering it as a B1 cut is an aggressive feeling ?Mirror Talk? that might slide you out of your comfort zone and hope to find yourself relieved by its conclusions. The attitude of the closing B2 song embodies a punkish stand, leaving you to admire its baldness, so I would kindly ask you to ?Wish me Well?. Housing our 12? is a painting by our feature talent, an extension of his artistry, Sheppard has titled this ?Food critics face gets eaten by Bird?