Hagen Richter – 721 Lee EP



HET’s man in charge, Hagen Richter, is taking care of the labels’ new release, Cat #: Het008. Upcoming 721 Lee EP is a 12” two track release, each side giving space to just one track running on 45rpm. Digital support is maintained through our Bandcamp-Page: https://het-berlin.bandcamp.com. The original mix of 721 Lee is aiming at dancers’ emotions, building up slowly and in the end leading to a classic, uplifting arpeggio pattern. On the B-Side Dystopian’s core artist Alex.Do interpretates 721 Lee. His “Nautilus Version” uses a catchy melodic hookline and backs it up with quotations of trance and goa elements. This fast pace remix is full of energy and yet transports the original’s emotions in his unique Alex.Do-style! ☺