Panthera – Synthesizer Hits EP



Panthera is a mysterious figure, and that’s how they plan to keep it. Arriving at the Bordello in a veil of secrecy, the four tracks of Synthesizer Hits do the talking for this unknown artist; and you better believe this music has something to say. The gloriously uplifting “Eurodrink” opens. Beaming bars border on pure elation and sullen sorrow, a tight drum keeping time in this space opera soundtrack. That same line of joy and sadness is maintained in the considered and reflective “20000” with its distant words and epic synthwork. “Bra” melts the pulsating energy of disco with complex percussions while a future vision melody descends. The close comes in the form of “Il Vizietto.” A daring work of astral electronics that takes its cue from the masters of silver screen and beyond. A stunning debut from an artist who music lovers will want to know.