Demuir, Fred P & Aaron Gray – Purveyor Underground Limited Feat. Tush



Six years after delivering his debut album – a digital-only affair called TruSkool – Demuir has finally got round to recording a follow-up. The Toronto native’s brand of house is chunky, groovy, deep and funky, taking cues not only from previous collaborators such as DJ Sneak, but also those of his contemporaries that make great use of dusty samples and killer drum programming. As a result, Visions manages to work both as a collection of club-focused cuts and an album you can listen to repeatedly from start to finish. Our picks of a pleasingly strong bunch include the fluid, disco-tinged, Hipnotic-sampling brilliance of ‚Mind, Body & Soul Call Me‘, Tush hook-up ‚Skylar‘ (a superb slab of gospel-tinged soulful house) and the delicious Fred P collaboration ‚Dream (Part Ii)‘.