Blackploid – Planetary Science



The Blackploid resurgence of recent years continues to gather steam. After laying dormant for some time, Martin Matiske’s project roared back into life in 2021 with a pair of EPs for Central Processing Unit. It doesn’t look like he’ll be taking his foot off the gas any time soon – not only does the new Blackploid collectionPlanetary Sciencecomplete Matiske’s hat-trick for the Sheffield label, but it also serves as a prelude to the full-length album which Blackploid will deliver on CPU in 2023., If that LP is as good as the tracks we get here, then it’s safe to say that we’re on to a winner. This EP contains a quartet of top-tier machine-funk productions, the kind of crisp post-Drexciya joints we’ve come to know and love Blackploid for. Each track onPlanetary Sciencemakes good on the record’s title by delivering club tackle flecked with FX which sound distinctly like spaceships blasting off into the cosmos., There is also progression acrossPlanetary Science. While it still aims for the…