Kuedo – Severant (10th Anniversary Edition)



„We are excited to reissue Kuedo’s classic 2011 album ‚Severant‘ on double vinyl for the first time, and with a bonus track ‚Work, Live & , Sleep In Collapsing Space‘. The cover artwork has been redesigned by Raf Rennie (Who also designed Kuedo’s recent album on , Brainfeeder, Infinite Window). In terms of feeling, ‘Severant’ explores the space between the detached world of the imagination and the , real-time world; that feeling of coming out of a daydream, on the edge of the drift from the day-to-day grind. Jamie says of this moment , ”As reality shapes imagination and escapism affects your choices in the real world, there is a strange relational loop between the two , and the space in between the two. There’s a bitter sweetness in that gap, it has a certain emotive quality, kind of in between being and , non-being”. Again, musically ‘Severant’ is inspired by related themes. It sounds as if it’s in a sweet spot between the emotive, innately , futurist synth soundtracks of Tangerine Dr…