Jolanda Moletta – Nine Spells



‘Nine Spells’ is a collection of vocal-only compositions by experienced vocalist and multimedia artist Jolanda Moletta, a musical tribute to nine of her female ancestors. Having fronted the folk band She Owl for over a decade, releasing two full-length albums and playing more than 300 concerts across Europe and the US, Jolanda turns the isolation of the past two years into an undeniably personal project of ancestral connection and healing. Her solo venture first appeared in 2021, contributing vocals for the Pepo Galán & Karen Vogt album ‘The Sweet Wait’, as well as a loop for the Thesis Recurring project. Nine Spells, however, sees her delicately arresting voice take centre stage for the first time. The Turin-born, Berlin-based musician found the urge to rediscover her origins while traveling with her band. Collecting photos of her female ancestors, she uncovered their stories. She learned of her great grandmother, a herbalist and healer, who defied the dangers of Wwii to gather medici…