Bibio – Bib10 Gold Vinyl Edition



Bibio is an artist who never likes to stay in one sound for too long. His humble beginnings producing lo-fi folk-tronica transformed dramatically into the hip hop inspired kaleidoscopes of his Warp debut Ambivalence Avenue, launching a series of constant shifts from intricate house beats to dazzling funk through to haunting ambient soundscapes, often all within the space of one album. While the quintessential Bibio sound may be hard to define, the guitar has stuck with him throughout all of his sonic experiments, and it’s what he pays homage to on his milestone tenth album., , “I like contrast between my albums,” says Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio “When I finish an album, I crave doing something different for the next one.” Bib10 is perhaps the most outwardly pop Bibio has ever leaned into, delving deeper into the funk and disco direction previously hinted at with releases like 2016’s The Serious EP while his natural pastoral folk inflections still shine through. Though the slick riffs o…